About Us

Who we are?
Hello friends around the world.
Welcome home where your family-oriented car rental is awaiting you.
Meet Your Host Director
Alces Dor

I am a USA – educated individual who is familiar with many cultures. By profession, I am a Licensed Psychologist, Pastor and Human Rights Commissioner.  All my life is focused on people’s well-being.  When I was a student at Colorado Christian University (Colorado Springs) and Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, Ariz.), I always introduced Turks and Caicos Islands to my peers as number one tourist’s destination. I made several presentations at various universities either in person or in essays to sell Turks and Caicos Island as an incredible product in terms of tourism that encouraged people to visit my home.

Feedback from friends-visitors have been incredible except that there’s room for a FAMILY ORIENTED CAR RENTAL. I promised peers that I will satisfy their needs upon my returns.

Here we are! Economic Car Rental: A family-oriented company,
Nobody knows your needs than we do. So, no one can ever care for you like we do.

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